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PantherVision provides services to the computer vision industry. Whatever your needs we can help you to fullfill your goals. Whether you just need a little advice or major research and support for the development of a product then that's no problem.

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We offer a range of services including:

    - Consultancy and Advice: we can offer advice on any of your computer vision, image analysis or related problems so that your own engineers or subcontractors can meet their objectives.

    - Product and Joint Product Development: we would be delighted to help you develop your products, or in some instances we could consider a joint development programme.

    - Research Services: we are experts in computer vision and image analysis research and can use this expertise to rapdily find research solutions to your problems and recommend how this can be turned into products.

    -  Prototyping: Our expertise enables us to prototype computer vision, machine vision and image analysis system in the minimum time, enabling you to get your product developed and to market faster. 

    -  Computer Vision and Image Analysis Applications: Our world class expertise means that we can advise on or develop computer vision, machine vision or image analysis applications and products. 

    - Real Time Development and Processing: we have many years experience in developing algorithms appropriate for real time automated systems. We believe that it is important to think about the real time issues during the development process.

    - Trials and Data analysis: We can assist you in defining and running trials and perform the data analysis for you.

    - Application and Product Specification: Let us use our expertise to specify the computer vision components of your products.

    - Feasibility Studies: With our breadth of real world and research experience we can conduct feasibility studies in the minimum time.

    - Project Management: in any computer vision or image analysis application or product development it is critical that the project and/or technical managers understand the issues that have to be addressed and our expertise in both the technical aspects and in more general project and technical management enable us to offer this capability to you.

    - Project Support: Sometimes you just need a little expert help and we can do as little or as much as you want.

    - MATLAB and programming surport: We can offer on-site expert support for the Matlab Image Processing Toolkit on a one-to-one or one-to-two basis; or telephone and internet support for more specific questions and problems. Don't let you staff struggle! Give us a call.

We also offer a diverse range of world class technical expertise on computer vision, image analysis, classifiers and associated techniques and this is discussed in detail on our 'our expertise' page.


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